Sunday, September 26, 2010

In memory of Frank Syazwan Alfarid

You were a brother to me. Other than my family I dnt think anyone loved me as much as you did. Thats what it was, love. Not just some friendship you could toss away.

You told me I could do anything. You believed in me even when I didnt. You supported me only like family could. You taught me to be strong. It was love.

We never fought even once. Normal friends fight like crazy all the time. I cant remember even once when either of us hurt the other. We never once argued on anything.
It was love.

You used to walk all the way to my house from yours, just because you knew I was bored at home. You knew when I was sad, and you would be there. We used to walk outside in the dead of night. We used to sneak out and climb gates together. We used to break into theatres together. We used to have fun. You would always have my back. In trouble, you stuck around just to company me, you never ran to save yourself. It was love.

When my parents didnt like you, you didnt stop being there for me. You still came to see me. You still went to great trouble to visit. You would walk a thousand miles just to let me know you were still there. It was love.

I've always always always imagined how we would grow old together, visit each others' families and see each others' children. You were always there. I thought you would always be there. Today you passed away. Ive lost you.

I will push forward for you. I will push for success. I will remember all those kind words you spoke to me. Thank you, for everything.

May Allah bless you. Alfatihah..


  1. crying..i cant believe hes gone la dude.

  2. nadia:beb relax k.. b strong

  3. amyra azman : im crying touching . . .
    sabar ye yen . . .

  4. i faced death of those i loved much.
    what you have gone trough is not same like mine.
    i've lost my abah 3 years ago n my mak 8 days ago.
    it is not easy to live without them.
    i feel like i wanna die too.
    but i cant forget that Allah is always besides me.mak n abah too.but the difference is mreka d alam yg berlainan.
    im still young but i have no parent.
    you lost your bestfriend but i lost mak n abah.
    you've lost one friend (even nothing can compare Syazwan)but you still have another bestfriend that can supprt you n be around you.
    i ve lost mak n abah but nothing in this world i swear can replace them at all.
    what i want to talk to you n myslf is be strong.
    always pray for them.
    you will never imagine how im cry heavily compare to you.
    do remember your parent wherever they are.
    always pray for them too.
    w/pun your parent still alive.
    may Allah bless.


  5. Laili, you are right. I could not imagine how hard it is for you. I am dreadfully sorry for your loss. I will doa for you always. Do hang in there. Allah will provide.

  6. Hey, do u guys know frank ?